Our first Poetdelphia poem by John Timpane!

Here is a preview from one of our readers at the upcoming inaugural POETDELPHIA reading. We hope you can make it! Details are on our Facebook page and under our main Poetdelphia page.

“Autumnals” by John Timpane



autumn bereaving

rainswept thrusts time in broken

sequence glittering

passages fall like whispers

destiny space dense beyond

(beyond dense space des

tiny whispers like fall pas

sages glittering

sequence broken in time thrusts

rainswept bereaving autumn)


October’s inner

weathers turn changes exchange

sufferings bright suf

ferings exchange changes turn

weathers inner Octobers


taste after summer

concentrate soilsalts rainsweets

tang tomatolin

gus tangsweets rainsalts soil con

centrate summer aftertaste