Join Us at MRAC on November 3rd

Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets

Celebrating Poems for the Writing at
Manayunk Roxborough Art Center

PLACE: Manayunk Roxborough Art Center
419 Green Lane, (rear)
Philadelphia, PA 19128

TIME: Sunday, November 3rd

Manayunk Roxborough Art Center located at 419 Green Lane (rear) in Philadelphia is offering a special humanities program: Poems for the Sharing: Celebrating Poems for the Writing. Join Lynn Levin and Valerie Fox on November 3rd, 3:15-5:30 for a reception and reading featuring Dawn Manning, Don Riggs, Luray Gross, Chris Cunningham, and Kelly McQuain (as well as Levin and Fox).

All of these poets are contributors to the craft-book Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets (Texture Press, 2013). Copies of the book will be available at a discounted price. Do join us in the spirit of community and collaboration.

This event is hosted by Peter Krok, Manayunk Roxborough Art Center’s Humanities Director and editor of the Schuylkill Valley Journal

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This Is Your Brain on Poetry

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I love this news! So many writers since the Imagists think it’s all image, image, image, but poetry is first processed in our brains as sound. Even when we read poetry on a page, our eyes translate the words into an internal monologue, and the sound of the word help conjure the word’s meaning. Sonics sometimes get lost in a lot of contemporary poetry, it seems to me. What do you think?