POETDELPHIA Dec. 13–Suzanne Parker, Ryan Eckes, David Groff

Here are some poetry sugar plums to whet your appetite for our lucky December 13 poetry reading. Click on the links to discover works by our new Poetdelphians! Details about the event are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/561453627275595/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Suzanne Parker: http://www.literarybohemian.com/poetry/poem/four-poems-by-Suzanne-Parker

Ryan Eckes: http://phillysound.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html

David Groff: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5913

Bonus feature: an essay by David Groff on performing poetry: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5913

Poetdelphia: Ryan Eckes, Suzanne Parker, David Groff –Dec. 13!!!

Dec. 13 is our next Poetdelphia event with Eckes, Groff and Parker! See the event listing at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/561453627275595/?ref=22

In the meantime, you can also read a review of David Groff’s CLAY at the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tomas-mournian/clay-poems-by-david-groff_b_4331284.html?utm_hp_ref=gay-voices